Custom Cakes

We will make cakes for any occasion.  Special or otherwise!
Start with this checklist, or just give us a call at (802) 223-0200 to work through the process with us.

Date and Time

What day will the cake be picked up?   We require a minimum of 72 hours notice for most cakes and one week for cakes with fondant decorations.  Advance notice is always better! We can get very busy during wedding season and sometimes we stop taking orders for our busiest weekends. We hate to do it, but by limiting orders we can make sure that every cake is perfect.

When will the cake be picked up? We try to finish decorating cakes at the last possible moment so we take the time part very seriously.


How many people should the cake serve? It’s much easier if you know you need a cake for X people.  From there we can guide you to the right size.  Here are a few guidelines for common sizes of cakes.

8” round (serves 10-12) – $40
10” round (serves 12-20) – $60
12” round (serves up to 40) – $85


We also make tiered cakes, including wedding cakes.  Tiered cake prices start at $5.50 a serving for buttercream or $6.50 for a fondant design.  For carved cakes, call us or stop in for a quote.


There are typically three places for flavor in a cake: the cake, the filling, and the frosting. There are countless combinations. We can make your favorite or offer suggestions.

Cakes   Fillings
Carrot Chocolate   Chocolate Mousse Mango Mousse
Speckled Chocolate Lemon   Lemon Curd German Chocolate
Vanilla Butter Vegan Chocolate   Peanut Butter Mousse Coconut Custard
Red Velvet Coconut   Passionfruit Curd Raspberry Mousse
Flourless Chocolate Gluten Free Almond   Cream Cheese Chocolate Custard


This is really the last step in the process though some customers prefer to start with the decoration idea and make the rest of the cake work around that.  Pricing for heavily decorated cakes is based on labor and the final price may differ slightly from any estimates that we provide for specific designs.

That said, we can also work to a fixed budget if we can have some creative control of the final appearance of the cake. Take a look at our galleries for some ideas!

Wedding Cakes

Specialty Cakes