About Birchgrove Baking

Birchgrove Baking is a bakery/cafe in Montpelier, Vermont. Each day, we make an assortment of cookies, breakfast pastries, cakes and tarts. Everything at Birchgrove Baking is made by hand and with local Vermont products whenever possible. We also offer coffee, espresso drinks and tea. Having a wedding? Let us create the perfect cake for you!

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About the Owners

Jennifer Toce

The owners... Owning.

As a child, I spent a good deal of time with my grandmother playing with pie dough. Whenever she made pies, she would hand me a small chunk of dough to play with. I would sit on the floor and roll it into a tough little disk hundreds of times over, until the dough was barely recognizable as a food product. What could be more fun for a four year old? I loved it!

Flash forward many years later, and after a very brief stint in a pre-med program in college, I ended up graduating with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Boston University and then from the Baking and Pastry program at the California Culinary Academy. I spent the next ten years working at various five-star hotels, including the W Hotel in San Francisco and Four Seasons Hotels in both San Francisco and Sydney, Australia, as well as at NECI here in Montpelier.

John Belding

Food has always been a part of my life. Even when I was training to be a mechanical engineer I spent a lot of time thinking about and cooking food. It took a couple of engineering degrees and brief time as a student at MIT for me to realize that I was a much better cook than an engineer. Best of all, I actually enjoyed cooking.

I attended NECI where I was told that, despite my culinary degree and desire to be a restaurant chef, I would one day be a pastry chef. Ironically, a few years later, I found myself back at NECI teaching pastries. Now I’m the morning baker.  I even get into some of the old engineering when it comes to kitchen repairs and assembling the occasional wedding cake.



We were recently featured in an article, Birchgrove Baking Offers Freshly Baked Treats In Downtown Montpelier.